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Sustainability, Environmental, Health & Safety, and Remediation Services

Our Mission

Green Planet:  Sustainability · Environment · Health & Safety

Increasing Our Clients' Profitability Through Smart Consulting.™

Our mission is to help our clients achieve excellence in environmental and health & safety management in an increasingly competitive global market.

We are committed to providing our clients with technical excellence, fiscal responsibility, and cutting-edge, green solutions.

Our Values

The Client is Always Right.
We treat our clients the way we like to be treated, when we are clients.

Our associates are our biggest asset.
We support and sponsor our associates' professional growth and achievement through career path development, training and mentoring, the attendance of technical conferences, attainment of certifications, and pursuit of advanced degrees.
We encourage and value work-life balance.

Senior Professional involvement is guaranteed on every project.
We believe in no profit centers, thus assuring clients reliable results by involving KERAMIDA's core leadership regardless of the location of the project.

There shall be no short cuts for quality.

We honor our agreements with our clients.
If unanticipated conditions arise, no work is performed until the client is explicitly informed and approves of the additional work and expenses. If such prior notification and approval does not take place, the additional cost will be borne by KERAMIDA.

We deliver excellent service to our clients.
• Personal dedication to clients.
• Excellent technical services.
• Excellent work product.
• Timeliness exceeding expectations.
• Offer of availability to clients 24 hours, 7 days a week.

We work as a team to find the best cost-effective solutions for our clients.
We define teamwork as: Working as partners with the client and involving the best experts from within KERAMIDA in each project.

Research and Development
We pride ourselves in offering our clients the benefit of our own research and validation of new technologies.
We continuously pursue advanced technical and regulatory knowledge so we can best serve our clients' present needs and future strategic planning expectations. We use our creativity and knowledge to develop new systems, tools, and technologies.

About Us

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