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American Foundry Society 2008 Environmental, Health & Safety Conference

August 24-27, 2008
St. Louis, Missouri

American Foundry Society -
20th Environmental, Health & Safety Conference

The conference addressed some of the recent developments and directions for the industry with regards to the beneficial reuse of foundry sand. Following the conclusion of the agenda for the EHS Conference, there was a scheduled roundtable discussion on the industry's efforts with EPA on the beneficial reuse of sand.

In addition to our professionals' following presentations, KERAMIDA also had an exhibition booth at the conference.

"CO2 Emissions & Foundry Reporting Protocol"
- Jim Schifo, P.E., Vice President, Industrial and Energy Management Services, KERAMIDA Inc.
- Ostrowski, R., Griffin Wheel Co.

"EHS Auditing - Program Options and Common Findings"
- Kristen Belcredi, P.E., C.H.M.M., Q.E.P., Senior Vice President, Sustainability Services, KERAMIDA Inc.

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