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KZF Design

January 26, 2009
Cincinnati, Ohio

KZF Design - Green Remediation Presentation

Per the US EPA, Green Remediation is the practice of considering all environmental effects of remedy implementation, and incorporating options to maximize the net environmental benefit of cleanup actions. KERAMIDA's presentation focused on remedial strategies that: use natural resources and energy efficiently, reduce negative impacts on the environment, minimize or eliminate pollution at its source, and reduce waste to the greatest extent possible. KERAMIDA was also a sponsor of this event.

This seminar qualified for 1.0 hour of Continuing Professional Development credit.

"Green Remediation: Sustainable Solutions for the Restoration of Environmentally Impaired Sites"
- Andy Gremos, M.S., L.P.G., C.H.M.M., Senior Vice President, Investigation/Remediation Services, KERAMIDA Inc.

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