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July 21-22, 2009
Indianapolis, Indiana

Purdue University Continuing Ed & Conferences - WIndiana 2009

Wind power, electricity generated by capturing the wind's energy with modern wind turbines, is one of the lowest-cost, renewable electricity alternatives currently available. Wind power is a clean, domestic electricity resource that has seen a tremendous amount of growth and technology improvement over the past several years.

Indiana possesses viable wind resources in limited pockets scattered across the northern half of the state. Wind power could provide the electricity capacity of a new baseload power plant within the next ten years. As wind power technology improves, wholesale markets increase and green energy becomes more valuable, Indiana can maximize its wind resources by selling wind power into markets with higher electricity costs. This would allow wind producers to find the best markets without jeopardizing Indiana's low electricity rates.

The WIndiana conference included the following presentations:
  • The basics of utility grade wind development
  • Legal, policy, local and statewide issues with transmission and sitting, the law now and the law in the coming years
  • The issues surrounding the smart grid
  • Success stories from those who have implemented small wind systems
  • The latest technologies and those becoming more popular
"Wind Power Panel Discussion"
- Kristen Belcredi, P.E., C.H.M.M., Q.E.P., Senior Vice President, Sustainability Division, KERAMIDA Inc.

KERAMIDA was a sponsor of this event.

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