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American Foundry Society

April 5-8, 2011
Schaumburg, Illinois

American Foundry Society - AFS 115th Metalcasting Congress

The Metalcasting Congress is North America's largest annual event for the metalcasting industry, combining an exhibition of industry suppliers with technical, management and research presentations from the foremost experts around the world. Sponsored by the American Foundry Society (AFS), this year's 115th event showcased the latest advancements in metalcasting. The exhibition drew more than 200 metalcasting industry suppliers. The Congress provided more than 100 technical presentations covering all facets of metalcasting from shop-floor production to management tactics to the latest research advancements.

"How Greenhouse Gas Emissions May Impact Your Business (11-148)"
- Jim Schifo, P.E., Vice President, Sustainability & Industrial Services, KERAMIDA Inc.

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