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American Foundry Society

March 22-24, 2012
Seattle, Washington

American Foundry Society - Redefining Opportunity: The 61st Northwest Regional AFS Conference

AFS is looking for opportunities not generally recognized or pursued. There were presentations on these opportunities in the new economy and with the re-shoring movement. The conference focused on opportunities within individual operations; discussing employee development, productive maintenance, management of quality systems, safety, and energy efficiency. Attendees also heard about a local foundries involvement in a wind turbine project, digital mold production and emissions issues. There were four panel discussions concerning lean manufacturing successes, pay incentives that work, safety as a culture, and what casting buyers want. At the Saturday luncheon, Leo Baron spoke about opportunities with AFS Corporate Membership and Mike Selz, the incoming AFS President, discussed AFS-A Sustainable Future.

"Stack-Testing Basic Training"
- Jim Schifo, P.E., Vice President, Greenhouse Gases, Air & Energy, KERAMIDA Inc.

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