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Great American Ball Park

May 8, 2013
Cincinnati, Ohio

KERAMIDA Inc. - 2013 Day at the Park Workshop

KERAMIDA's Annual Spring Workshop featured technical experts, who discussed relevant topics and their significance to Business and Industry. Following the presentation, attendees were treated to a Cincinnati Reds vs. Atlanta Braves game. Funky's boxed lunches were provided at the Taft Center.

This workshop qualified for the following credits:
  • American Board of Industrial Hygiene: CIH & CAIH - The Day at the Park program can be claimed for 2.75 hours of CM credit by CIHs
  • Board of Certified Safety Professionals: .20 BCSP Points
  • HR Certification Institute: PHR: 2 hrs.
  • Institute of Hazardous Materials Management: CHMM & CHMP- 2.75 CMP
  • Indiana Commission for Continuing Legal Education: CLE Credit & New Lawyer CLE Credit - 2.8 CLE credit (General Hours). April 17, 2013: Course # 0165475 and Sponsor # 0102311; May 8, 2013: Course # 0165476 and Sponsor #0102311; May 15, 2013: Course#0165477 and Sponsor #0102311
  • Indiana Department of Environmental Management: Wastewater Operator Credit: 2.25 General Hours
  • Indiana Department of Environmental Management: Water Works Operator Credit: 3.0 Technical Contact Hours, Approval Number: PWST13-4681
  • Indiana State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers: 2.75 Continuing Education Hours
  • Kentucky Bar Associaion: 2.75 Continuing Education Hours
  • Ohio EPA - Division of Drinking & Ground Waters: 2.75 Approved Hours (Both DW & WW) Course #: OEPA-B552922-X, Expiration Date: 5/15/2016
  • The Supreme Court of Ohio: 2.75 CLE credit (General Hours) April 17, 2013 & May 15, 2013: Activity Code # 000262309; May 8, 2013: Activity Code # 000262310
"Changes in Due Diligence: The New ASTM Standard"
- Steve Sittler, P.G., Senior Project Manager, KERAMIDA Inc.

"USEPA Vapor Intrusion Guidance: Impacts on Due Diligence and Site Assessment/Remediation"
- Steve Sittler, P.G., Senior Project Manager, KERAMIDA Inc.

"Globally Harmonizing System (GHS) of Classification and Labeling Chemicals Program"
- Ashley Baugues, Industrial Hygienist, KERAMIDA Inc.

"Tracking EHS Metrics to Drive Performance Improvement"
- Mark Flick, Vice President, Health & Safety, KERAMIDA Inc.

"Air Regulations Update"
- Kathy Moore, Vice President, Air Services, KERAMIDA Inc.

"Next Generation: Sustainability & EHS Management Systems"
- Vicky Keramida, Ph.D., CEO and Chief Technical Officer, KERAMIDA Inc.

"How to Prepare for RCRA Inspection"
- Mark Flick, Vice President, Health & Safety, KERAMIDA Inc.

"Funding Options for Legacy Properties"
- Matt Wagner, Vice President, KERAMIDA Inc.

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