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Rivers of the Anthropocene
IUPUI   Newcastle University
January 23-25, 2014
Indianapolis, Indiana

IUPUI & Newcastle University - Rivers of the Anthropocene Conference

Rivers of the Anthropocene is a transdisciplinary research project examining global river systems during the age of the Anthropocene (1750 to present). The first phase of the project uses the Ohio and Tyne Rivers as case studies. Approaching rivers and their landscapes not simply as natural phenomena or as human artifacts but as human-nature entanglements, a group of international researchers seeks to provide a transdisciplinary analysis of the interactions between humans and their river environments. By mapping the ecological, geographical, cultural, social, political, and scientific histories of river systems, this project will provide insight on issues of relevance to public policy, environmental conservation, and heritage management. KERAMIDA was a sponsor of this conference.

"The New Economy of Rivers - A Model for Livable Cities"
- Vicky Keramida, Ph.D., CEO and Chairman, KERAMIDA Inc.

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