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August 7, 2014
Indianapolis, Indiana

KERAMIDA Inc. - Workshop for Attorneys, Spalding & Hilmes PC: Fast-Track Chlorinated Solvent Remediation in Groundwater - Is It Magic? No, It's ERD

When chlorinated solvents degrade, chlorine atoms are removed and "daughter products" are created. Chlorinated solvent degradation can only occur in an anaerobic (no oxygen) environment and most shallow subsurface environments are aerobic (containing oxygen). So what do we do? ERD: Enhanced Reductive Dechlorination. ERD is the introduction of substrates/bacteria into the water-bearing zone to create an anaerobic environment.

This workshop qualified for the following credits:
  • Indiana Commission for Continuing Legal Education: CLE Credit & New Lawyer CLE Credit - 1.0 CLE credit (General Hours).
"Fast-Track Chlorinated Solvent Remediation in Groundwater - Is It Magic? No, It's ERD"
- Steve Sittler, M.S., L.P.G., Senior Project Manager, Land Services & Manger, Technical Support, KERAMIDA Inc.

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