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White River Festival

September 1-14, 2014
Indianapolis, Indiana

Upper White River Watershed Alliance - 4th Annual White River Festival

The White River Festival is a two week celebration of the White River and the land, wildlife, plants, trees, streams, and people who live in the areas surrounding it. The purpose of the festival is to show that the river is beautiful and worth visiting, that it's a source of drinking water for cities and towns along the river, and that our actions impact the river even if we don't live right next to it. Festival events took place from September 1-14 throughout central Indiana, though were concentrated in the Indianapolis area. The Festival was made possible through generous funding from the Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust, which also funded the inaugural event in 2011, and ongoing support from the Upper White River Watershed Alliance. KERAMIDA had a Stream Sponsorship at this event.

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