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Indiana Chamber of Commerce

October 27-28, 2015
Indianapolis, Indiana

Indiana Chamber of Commerce - 2015 Indiana Environmental Conference

When it comes to environmental laws and regulations, it pays to remain in compliance. Attendees learned the newest regulations and heard presentations by some of the leading environmental professionals in the State of Indiana. KERAMIDA was a Gold Sponsor of this event.

"Darwinian Remediation - The Evolution of Remedial Technologies and the Survival of the Fittest"
- Steve Sittler, M.S., L.P.G., C.P., Senior Project Manager/Senior Technical Advisor, KERAMIDA Inc.
"The New Proposed Definition of Waters of the U.S. - What's the Impact for Indiana?"
- Brian Neilson, P.E., LEED AP, Managing Partner, KERAMIDA Inc.
- C. DeVoe, Partner, Plews, Shadley, Racher, & Braun LLP

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