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March 22-23, 2016
Cincinnati, Ohio

Manufacturers' Education Council - 25th Annual Sustainability and EHS Symposium

As sustainabiity & EHS in America's Heartland continue to grow in importance, the 25th Annual Sustainability and EHS Symposium is the one conference that gives attendees the competitive edge in meeting today's complex regulatory challenges. In addition to the opportunity to actively network with peers and benefit from some of the profession's best and most talented minds, attendees take away valuable ideas to immediately implement back at work. KERAMIDA was a sponsor of this event.

"Environmental Management Continuous Improvement... Using the Annual Reporting Process to Strengthen Your Facility's Program"
- W. Fleming, Staff Engineer, KERAMIDA Inc.

"Best Practices in Safety Management... Importance of Near-Miss Incidents Reporting"
- Mark Flick, Vice President, EHS Compliance Services, KERAMIDA Inc.
- T. Autio, Safety Manager, E&B Paving, Inc.

"Sustainability Best Practices... What to Report and How to Report It"
- Christina Wildt, Sustainability Analyst, KERAMIDA Inc.
- L. Counsel, Environmental Relations Director, Cummins

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