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December 22, 2006

Standing Room Only: 86 Clients Attend
KERAMIDA's Annual Air, Water & Waste Workshop

KERAMIDA Conference Center

2006 KERAMIDA Annual Workshop

"Just a short 'thank you' to you and Keramida for a very informative presentation. It is a real help in assessing the level of expertise of a potential consultant to hear key people speak and respond to questions. It is apparent that Vasiliki Keramida has assembled a very competent team. I am very happy to see Paul Dubenetzky on board. He will certainly be an asset." - Industrial Client

"Thank you. This was a wonderful and very informative workshop. Keep up the great work!!" - Industrial Client

"The workshop was well worth the time spent. Your hospitality exceeded expectations. I will be calling your firm for assistance." - Industrial Client

"Convey my thanks to all the Keramida staff. It was a very fine workshop and a great help to me and my company." - Industrial Client

"Great job on this seminar." - Senior Partner in Law Firm

2006 KERAMIDA Annual Workshop

"Thank you for inviting me to the meeting. I always pick up new information that helps keep me from getting myself into trouble. I enjoyed seeing you and Paul and Keith, and am sure we will be working on some exciting projects in the coming months." - Industrial Client

"The workshop was very informative. I am currently working with Kathy Moore on air emission issues. She and your company have been very helpful." - Industrial Client

"Thank you for offering us seminars like this. This was very informative and helpful to me." - Industrial Client

"I found the workshop to be very informative and educational." - Industrial Client

"We collectively want to thank Keramida for hosting the Air, Water & Waste Workshop and reception last week. We were impressed with each of the speakers and learned a great deal during the day. Keramida has an impressive group of professionals whom we have enjoyed working with in the past. Again, thank you and we look forward to working together in the future." - Major Law Firm

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