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February 20, 2007

Pipeline Rupture Shuts 240,000 b/d TEPPCO Products Pipeline System - Propane Deliveries to Northeast Affected

KERAMIDA employees significantly contribute to the response.

KERAMIDA Significantly Contributes to TEPPCO Pipeline Rupture Response

A 20-inch, 240,000 b/d TEPPCO products pipeline ruptured and spilled diesel fuel in the vicinity of Seymour, Indiana on February 20. KERAMIDA, the environmental consultant for TEPPCO, responded to this release by assisting in the cleanup, coordinating with IDEM and EPA (Region 5), taking samples of soil, groundwater and surface water as appropriate, creating and carrying out closure plans and planning for future action that could not be feasibly accomplished during the initial response.

"We utilized Indianapolis and Cincinnati personnel to serve our client, at least nine KERAMIDA employees, from technicians to Senior VPs, contributed significantly to this response," said Scott Randall, Senior Project Manager for KERAMIDA. The Cincinnati office worked long hours including the weekend since the initial response.

"During this cleanup we became the first environmental consultant in Indiana to get approval from IDEM's Chemistry Section to use a mobile laboratory for closure samples. TEPPCO is very pleased with our support of them in this difficult situation," Randall commended. "This has been a very complicated and difficult project logistically and the KERAMIDA team has stepped up to the plate and once more hit one out of the ball park."

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