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January 17, 2008

KERAMIDA Consolidates Sustainability Services

GREEN MANUFACTURING: KERAMIDA Consolidates Sustainability ServicesKERAMIDA has formed a new Sustainability Strategies (S2) Advisors Group, consolidating all its Green Manufacturing expertise into one formidable team. The engineers and scientists of KERAMIDA's S2 Advisors Group are senior professionals with several years of experience advising industry and cities, both nationally and abroad, on sustainability, greenhouse gas emissions strategy, carbon footprint assessment, industrial energy use management, and clean technologies, including biofuel processing.

KERAMIDA's S2 Advisors Group will engage the sustainability expertise of our professionals in a think tank environment within the corporation, to enhance the Green Services the company already provides to its clients. The Group is headed by Kristen Belcredi, P.E., C.H.M.M., Q.E.P. Senior Vice President of Sustainability Services, a 20-year veteran of KERAMIDA's technical and compliance services.

Since 2000, KERAMIDA has pioneered sustainability services including: the development of a strategic growth plan for a major European industrial group to address the cost implications of the EU greenhouse gases legislation; the performance of a major study for the U.S. Department of Energy on greenhouse emissions and energy use by heavy manufacturing; the assessment of green power production by waste products at a major auto industry; and, carbon footprint assessments of many manufacturing plants, internationally.

KERAMIDA privatized a U.S. Department of Defense green manufacturing initiative, in 2000, and co-founded Technikon, LLC, a research, development, and technology validation company in Sacramento, California, to carry out the initiative. Technikon's current work includes biofuel technology validation.

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