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January 4, 2008

KERAMIDA Client Receives Covenant Not To Sue From Ohio EPA

KERAMIDA Client Receives Covenant Not To Sue From Ohio EPA

KERAMIDA's client received a Covenant not to Sue from the director of the Ohio EPA in response to a No Further Action letter prepared by KERAMIDA. The Site is a 2.7-acre parcel that was formerly a portion of a larger parcel on which manufacturing activities occurred from the 1940s through 1970s.

Manufacturing operations included tinning, lighting manufacturing, and electroplating. A wastewater pipeline crossed the property from the plant to wastewater treatment lagoons. A portion of one of the lagoons was on the subject parcel. Potential contaminants of concern identified included VOCs, PCBs, PAHs, metals, and cyanide.

Many people within the Ohio EPA, the client, and KERAMIDA Inc., among others, worked hard to remove the environmental barriers associated with redeveloping this property. Special congratulations to the Cincinnati team on the issuance of this covenant.

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