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April 22, 2010

KERAMIDA Assists City of Indianapolis to Secure $10M Energy Efficiency Grant

KERAMIDA Assists City of Indianapolis to Secure $10M Energy Efficiency Grant

Indianapolis, IN has been selected as one of 25 U.S. projects to receive a federal grant to support large-scale retrofits and make energy efficiency accessible to homeowners, businesses, schools, and community centers. KERAMIDA Inc., headquartered in Indianapolis, wrote the grant application and led the 25 member collaborative planning team.

The Indianapolis Retrofit Ramp-up Project aims to create sustainable neighborhood-scale energy efficiency pilot projects in two urban neighborhoods - Indianapolis and Lafayette. The project will transform a 470 square block neighborhood in the heart of Indianapolis to a more energy efficient and economically sustainable community by retrofitting a diverse range of buildings in the region including residential, industrial and commercial units, schools and nonprofits within a large neighborhood in Indianapolis. The project will provide for investments in energy efficiency education and outreach among an existing network of community support organizations. The Glen Acres community in the City of Lafayette will undergo energy efficiency retrofits of homes to become near-zero energy use demonstration properties. The program will utilize these advanced energy reduction demonstrations including the Purdue Solar Decathlon Home to create community interest in retrofit activity throughout the neighborhood.

KERAMIDA worked closely with the City of Indianapolis to develop innovative models for neighborhood block-by-block focused retrofits of homes and businesses, as well as, innovative financing models to make energy savings accessible; including a revolving loan fund, an on-bill tariff loan repayment pilot program, quality of life fund, and carbon fund.

In implementing these models, Indianapolis will deliver verified energy savings and incorporate sustainable business models, to ensure that buildings will continue to be retrofitted after grant funds are spent. The Department of Energy will use the lessons learned from the pilot programs to develop best-practice guides to comprehensive retrofit programs that can be adopted and implemented by other communities across the country.

The nationwide Retrofit Ramp-Up projects, which are part of the overall $80 billion Recovery Act investment in clean energy and energy efficiency, complement the Obama Administration's "Recovery through Retrofit" initiative, which lays the groundwork for a self-sustaining and robust home energy efficiency industry. The awards are the competitive portion of DOE's Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (EECBG) Program, which was funded for the first time under the Recovery Act to help state, local, and tribal communities make strategic investments in improving energy efficiency, reduce energy use and fossil fuel emissions.

KERAMIDA is a high-tech, full-service Sustainability, Environmental, Health & Safety, and Remediation Consulting and Engineering firm, providing services to industries, cities, and governments worldwide. The firm is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, with offices in Cincinnati, Ohio; Charleston, South Carolina; Nashville, Tennessee; Sacramento, California; Athens, Greece, and Abu Dhabi, UAE.

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