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As published on April 15, 2008 on News

Panel Considers Future of Former Nursing Home

By Tim Yovich

The former county nursing home once had 110 residents and a staff of 41.

WARREN - Don Siekkinen and his companion, Donaldeen Brei, would like to see the former Trumbull County Nursing Home in Brookfield Township transformed into a home for children, an assisted living facility or a park.

Alan Knapp, director of the Trumbull County Planning Commission, said that Siekkinen, 80, of Bristolville, former county home superintendent, and 79-year-old Brei may get their wish.

The fate of the county-owned 441,Ñ2 acres east of Route 7 on McMullen Street south of state Route 82 was discussed Monday during a public hearing on the county's applying for Clean Ohio program funds to make an environmental assessment of the land, remove pollutants, if any, and help build infrastructure, such as roads.

"I think it would be nice if we could pull something together," county commissioner Daniel Polivka said of developing the land.

Siekkinen, who ran the nursing home for 28 years, said it once cared for an average 110 residents daily in 19 houses and nine other structures that some of the 41-member staff rented for housing.

The facility was closed in 1988 when the county ran out of money and no longer wanted to be in the nursing home business.

Polivka said the county put it on the auction block, but prospective buyers shied away because of possible pollution.

Matt Wagner, manager of client services with Cincinnati-based Keramida, an environmental consulting firm, said the county can apply for up to a $299,000 grant from the Clean Air Fund that would be used to assess possible pollutants.

The land was once used as a military base and military radar station because it's the second-highest point in the county.

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