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KERAMIDA's Role in ESG-Sustainability Development

KERAMIDA is a powerhouse of ESG program development, reporting and training with over 20 years of excellence in the Environmental, Health and Safety services sector.

Our talented team of analysts, designers, planners, writers, educators, scientists and engineers are dedicated to solving our clients' most challenging ESG needs.

We have partnered with GRI, CDP and SASB to better serve our clients' ESG needs. Our unique, strategic and whole-systems approach to ESG and sustainability involves deep knowledge of compliance, best practices and management systems, along with manufacturing operations and business strategies, which we combine to form the technical foundation from which our professionals provide high quality ESG development and training services.

We equip individuals and corporations with the ability to:
  • develop industry-appropriate standards and indicators for their facilities
  • drive outcomes toward process efficiency, continual improvement, risk reduction and value creation
  • harmonize top-down and bottom-up CSR and EHS priorities
  • institutionalize the means for cultivating financial, natural, and human capital toward a corporation's financially desirable state of ecological balance, social equity, and financial strength

ESG-Sustainability Services for industry, businesses and cities (both nationally and globally):

  • ESG Assessment, Planning & Reporting
  • GRI, CDP, SASB Sustainability Reporting and Training
  • FastTrack™ Sustainability Management System *
  • Green STEP™ Model *
  • ISO Management Systems
  • ESG-Sustainability
  • Strategy
  • Planning
  • Metrics
  • KPIs
  • Reporting
  • FastTrack™ Management System
  • Training
  • Greenhouse gas emissions strategies
  • Carbon footprint assessment
  • Industrial energy use management
  • Clean technologies - including renewable energy
  • Reuse of Contaminated Properties
* KERAMIDA’s proprietary ESG-Sustainability management methods.

ESG Management - KERAMIDA’s Proprietary Methods

  • KERAMIDA's Proprietary ESG Assessment & Implementation Model - Green Step™, building the ESG-Sustainability Business case, to reduce costs and corporate risk and improve market positioning of corporations and cities. Based on Metrics and KPIs for Compliance and Best Management Practices - the first model to build the Business Case for CEOs and Investors.
  • KERAMIDA's proprietary FastTrack™ ESG-Sustainability Management System, based on an ISO platform.

ESG-Sustainability Reporting Training

Stakeholders of all types, including customers, employees, and investors, are increasingly demanding not only better sustainability performance but also increased transparency on sustainability topics. KERAMIDA provides training in the leading disclosure frameworks to help our clients communicate their sustainability stories to their stakeholders. Sustainability reporting adds value to the bottom line in many ways, such as increasing market share and driving cost-effective sustainability investments.

KERAMIDA Provides training the following reporting frameworks and topics: Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)

KERAMIDA's Qualifications:
  • GRI Certified Training Partner –one of only seven certified companies in the U.S. to bring you training on how to effectively report on sustainability using the GRI framework.
  • CDP Silver Climate Change Education and Training Partner in the U.S. - one of only three companies in the U.S. to provide certified to provide you with the training you need to correctly and effectively respond to the 2017 CDP Climate Change Questionnaire.
  • Pamela Griesemer, VP of Sustainability Services, is among the first cohort of professionals who have earned the SASB Fundamentals of Sustainability Accounting (FSA) Level II Credential and will be leading the course on this reporting framework.
  • KERAMIDA Professionals have worked on creating, implementing, auditing, and improving ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems for over two decades.
For more information on upcoming training sessions, Click Here or contact Pamela Griesemer at

Sustainability Strategies (S2) Advisors Group for ESG: Building the Business Case

Sustainability Strategies KERAMIDA's Sustainability Strategies (S2) Advisors Group was formed by consolidating all of its Green Manufacturing and Sustainable Cities expertise into one formidable team. The engineers, scientists, economists and planners of our S2 Advisors Group are senior professionals with many years of experience, who believe Compliance and Best Management Practices are the foundation of ESG.

The S2 Advisors Group serves as a Think Tank for Innovation in Sustainable Strategies, Planning, Processes and Implementation for industry, businesses and cities. The Group is headed by Dr. Vicky Keramida, Ph.D., a 20-year veteran of KERAMIDA's leadership in Sustainability research, development and execution.


KERAMIDA's leadership has pioneered ESG-Sustainability in all fronts, including:

  • The development of a strategic growth plan for a major European industrial group to address the cost implications of the EU greenhouse gases legislation.
  • The performance of a major study for the U.S. Department of Energy on reduction of greenhouse emissions and energy use by heavy manufacturing.
  • The assessment of green power production by waste products for a major car manufacturer with zero landfill goal.
  • The development and implementation of the Sustainable Public Works Program for Capital Assets for the City of Indianapolis - a first, in the USA.
  • The first Reuse Plan and Design of a Superfund Site for a comprehensive, Multi-Purpose Development - a first, nationally.
  • The subject was also co-taught by Dr. Keramida at Purdue University's Civil Engineering Senior Design Class (Spring 2016 semester) leading the students to produce a cutting-edge design for a comprehensive and creative for-profit development of a Superfund site - a first among engineering schools for senior design.
  • Developed the Environmental and Sustainability components for a major Private Public Partnership (P3) Development Project and drafted the Environmental/Sustainability provisions of the Lenders' Technical Advisor (LTA) Report.
  • Thousands of Compliance and Best Management Practices Audits/Assessments of manufacturing plants in the U.S. and around the world.
Please contact us for complete list of our ESG-Sustainability projects.

Nation's Leading Advocate in Revitalization of Contaminated Properties

  • KERAMIDA is the nation's leading advocate in the revitalization of contaminated properties - KERAMIDA's engineers were the first in the country to promote and study reuse of contaminated properties in the 1980's, and have led the way ever since.
  • KERAMIDA conceived, planned and implemented on behalf of client cities, Innovative Developers Tours of abandoned and contaminated properties with a focus on revitalization and economic development.
Sustainable Cities: Brownfield Developers Tour - May 2016
Developed and Executed by KERAMIDA

Participants Comments Examples

"The tour was strategically organized and executed very well."

"Your staff was exceptional, professional, well prepared and friendly."

"Well organized, had informed local participants, kept to the schedule, and fulfilled expectations."

"Thanks for doing this Keramida... a great partnership with NIRPC and the RDA to put on a professional tour."

"You provided the opportunity not only to get a real feel for these sites but the right people to get connected. I think the tour signaled that there is much happening in these once-thriving cities that only take bringing the right people together to finally make plans for restoration to take root."

(read more client commendations)

Sustainable / Green Manufacturing Research Pioneer

KERAMIDA privatized a U.S. Department of Defense green manufacturing initiative in 2000, and co-founded and co-directed Technikon LLC, a research, development, and technology validation company in Sacramento, California, to carry out DOD's initiative of emissions, waste and energy reduction through materials substitution and process innovations. Technikon's work for DOD's Casting Emissions Reduction Program (CERP) resulted in over 60% reduction in emissions and energy use which were applicable across the entire $25 billion US casting industry. Technikon's CERP research successes were presented in many publications, including D. Gottlieb's "Environmental Technology Resources Handbook", CRC, 2003, and "Information Systems and the Environment" book by the National Academy of Engineering, 2001. Technikon's work included renewable energy technologies validation. Technikon LLC was transformed into a nonprofit organization in 2012.

Global GRI Conference, Amsterdam, Holland, May 18-20, 2016

Four representatives of KERAMIDA's Sustainability group of experts participated in the 3-day Global GRI Conference in Amsterdam, where discussions on the global state of ESG-Sustainability reporting were held. The Conference was attended by 1,200 sustainability professionals from 72 countries.

Upcoming KERAMIDA 2017 Sustainability Forum

KERAMIDA's upcoming presentation "Risks of Disclosure Due to Differences in the Definitions of 'Materiality' Among Sustainability Reporting Frameworks" compares the materiality definitions of five prevailing reporting frameworks (SASB, GRI, CDP, Global UN Compact and IR), describes materiality as a legal concept based on Supreme Court precedent, outlines the implications of each definition, and makes recommendations for how your disclosures can avoid the risks associated with materiality determinations, whether you are bound by SEC requirements or not.

For a preview of this presentation, please contact us

In 2015 KERAMIDA created a not-for-profit sustainable initiative, which focuses on Sustainable Industry, Sustainable Development, Urban Renewal, Profitable Urban Farming, Healthy Living, Food Security, and Training.
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