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A Few Recent Comments From Our Satisfied FastTrack™ Clients:

  • "The pre-session planning/overview for the FastTrack™ Program was appreciated. KERAMIDA was flexible with schedules and willing to work at the needed pace. The FastTrack™ application process was very simple, and we completed our EMS planning ahead of schedule."
    - Utility Client

  • "If your prospective clients request to speak with a satisfied customer about the FastTrack™ process and working with KERAMIDA, you may forward my name and phone number to them. I enjoyed working through the process, found working with you to be very pleasant and professional, and look forward to receiving/working with the end result."
    - Environmental, Health and Safety Manager for Trane Commercial Systems, Air Conditioning Manufacturer

  • "KERAMIDA's FastTrack™ staff was very helpful and knowledgeable on environmental rules and ISO procedure development. They were all very, very informative and organized. It made the work enjoyable and we were quickly able to complete the process. The FastTrack™ Program exceeded our expectations as we are just beginning to learn about EMS. We have previously used KERAMIDA and will continue to use them."
    - Grain Transportation & Processing Company

  • "This was a very painless process. By going through this process, it was identified that we were wrongly out of compliance. KERAMIDA was wonderful in helping us correct this situation. Without this process, we would have no way of knowing. The KERAMIDA staff were wonderful to work with, and I was very impressed with the communication and coordination between KERAMIDA and our facility. The effectiveness of the on-site work was excellent, and the process was significantly streamlined for our company. KERAMIDA's FastTrack™ Program was well beyond expectations!"
    - Electroplating Company

  • "Thank you very much for all your assistance. It would have taken us another year to get this far. We are going to work diligently to get registered by this summer with our integrated system and will most likely need additional service from KERAMIDA. Thanks again!"
    - Ink Manufacturer


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EHS Management Systems / ISO 14000 / OHSAS 18000 Services
EHS Management Systems / ISO 14000 / OHSAS 18000 Services
EHS Management Systems / ISO 14000 / OHSAS 18000 Services

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