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For companies considering plant closures, they can rely on KERAMIDA to undertake all services throughout the deactivation, decommissioning and demolition/redevelopment process.

Based upon our extensive project experience in all phases of the deactivation and decommissioning process, we have developed an innovative and cost-effective phased approach that saves both time money, and ensures a successful Facility Decommissioning project.

"KERAMIDA was very attentive to detail during this project, which was necessary for a successful resolution. Your staff's knowledge of RCRA allowed for an immediate response to my query, and the cost was also kept to a minimum because of how efficiently your staff worked. We would recommend KERAMIDA without hesitation."
- National Woodworking Company
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Our Facility Decommissioning Services include:

Phase I - Facility Assessment

The Facility Assessment is designed to gain a thorough understanding of the historical and current operations of the facility, while simultaneously identifying the client's objectives for the facility. Based upon this information, KERAMIDA will:

  • Determine Current status of facility.
  • Conduct Phase I/II investigations, as required, including designing characterization programs in accordance with RCRA closure requirements, the PCB-mega rule, Asbestos and Lead Based paint demolition requirements, etc.
  • Determine the facility's regulatory/permitting closure needs.
Phase II - Planning

Subsequent to the Facility Assessment, KERAMIDA will develop a comprehensive deactivation plan, which will include the following aspects:

  • Design and development of required plans/specifications
  • Scoping of project-closure plans
  • Health and Safety Planning
  • Bidding, as required
  • Permitting, as required
  • End use evaluations including potential Brownfields applicability
  • Development of cost budgets
  • Assessment of equipment inventory and value
Phase III - Implementation

KERAMIDA's team of experts has extensive experience implementing deactivation plans. Our experienced project managers will ensure that the work is performed in accordance with the prepared plans while simultaneously pursuing innovative and cost-effective means of achieving the project objectives. Our services include:

  • Project/Construction Management
  • Industrial Cleaning
  • Public Relations
  • Construction Oversight

Additional Services - Many projects will be completed following industrial cleaning or demolition of plant structures. KERAMIDA, however, offers additional services for those instances where on-going remediation and/or property redevelopment and site divestiture are contemplated. With extensive experience in Operations and Maintenance and Redevelopment, our team of experts is prepared to assist you with the following activities:

Phase IV - Operations and Maintenance
  • Active remedial systems, including regulatory compliance reporting
  • On-going monitoring
Phase V - Re-use / Re-development Efforts
"Thank you for your expertise and hard work on this project. Your knowledge and leadership has been greatly appreciated. I look forward to working with you on many projects in the future."
- Developer
(read more client commendations)


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Facility Decommissioning Services
Facility Decommissioning Services
Facility Decommissioning Services
Facility Decommissioning Services
Facility Decommissioning Services

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