KERAMIDA - Global EHS & Sustainability Services
Sustainability, Environmental, Health & Safety, and Remediation Services

Our associates are our biggest asset.

Professional Growth
We support and sponsor our associates' professional growth and achievement through:
Work-Life Balance
We strive to support our associates' personal needs by offering:
  • Flexibility for family needs
  • Work-life balance workshops
  • Athletic club memberships
  • On-site physical fitness center
  • Philanthropic leadership
KERAMIDA, Inc. has three types of incentives/bonuses that all employees are eligible for:

  1. Performance bonus at the end of the year

    Year Percentage of Staff Who Received Bonus
    2013 43%
    2014 67%
    2015 85%

  2. Bonus for publishing technical papers and giving technical presentations

    Year Percentage of Staff Who Gave Presentations and Webinars
    2015 50%

  3. Spot bonuses throughout the year for going beyond expectations

    Year Number of Spot Check Bonuses
    2013 50%
    2014 80%
    2015 100%


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